Ekiti State University, Office of Research and Development (EKSUORD) was established to assist the University in improving on the perceived mandate of a typical Nigerian University (i.e. production of man-power) by redirecting the intellectual and technological resources within the University and using them to improve the overall social, economic, and industrial advancement of Ekiti State, Nigeria, and proudly exhibit and advertise potentials of research results within the University.

EKSUORD’s specific objectives are:

  • to increase, improve and enhance EKSU staff and students participation in research and training.
  • to identify internal and external sources of research funding and bring these to the notice of all members of staff
  • to enhance the impact of researches carried out by EKSU staff and students, and integrate research and teaching
  • to actualise the relevance of Ekiti State University to the economic and technological development of Ekiti Stae
  • to enable the commercialisation of research findings and development outputs for the benefit of the researcher, the university, and the wider community.

Ekiti State University has been publishing journals at the Faculty and departmental levels, but there is no university based journal. As  part of its mandate to periodically exhibit and advertise the potentials of research results within the University as well as promoting the dissemination of intellectual publications, EKSUORD announces the publication of a Science and Engineering based University journal *EKSU Journal of Science and Technology (EJST)*.  The Journal which is an international academic journal provides a platform to natural, agricultural, environmental, medical scientists and engineers as well as technologists to share and expand the knowledge of scientific advancements in the myriad disciplines of science and engineering and applied aspects.


EKSU Journal of Science and Technology aims to publish and disseminate original papers that:

  • a.Address ethical or socioeconomic issues relating to modern agricultural and environmental science as applicable to developing countries;
  • b.Contribute to the development of science and technology for economic advancement.
  • c.Innovate near market or market ready technologies and processes.
  • d.Publish research findings on current topical issues in science and engineering of interest to both public and private sectors.


EJST will publish peer reviewed original research and critical reviews on agriculture, human nutrition or human health, scientific or technological information, with particular emphasis on interdisciplinary studies that explore the intersection of agriculture, science, engineering and environment.


The Journal is domicilled in the Office of Research and Development, Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti.